Greetings from Wold Newton…and Happy Wold Newton Day!

Happy Wold Newton Day, and welcome to Day One at the new site dedicated to Philip José Farmer‘s Wold Newton Family.



Here at Wold Newton, we’re dedicated to providing accurate and factual information on the canonical Wold Newton Family as created and envisioned by Philip José Farmer, and on deuterocanonical works authorized by Mr. Farmer or his estate.

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Keeping things light as we launch the site, we’re intent on celebrating Wold Newton Day! Today, December 13, 2015, marks the 220th anniversary of the Wold Newton meteor strike (13 Dec 1795), the event which gave birth to the WNF.  As such, we thought we’d take a pictorial tour. All of these photos were taken in July 2009.

First up is a picture of Win Scott Eckert (left), Paul Spiteri (middle) and Mike Croteau (right) at the Wold Newton monument erected by Major Edward Topham in 1799. This is the exact spot where the Wold Cottage meteorite struck. (Although usually referred to colloquially as the “Wold Newton” meteorite, it is in fact officially called the Wold Cottage meteorite.)


Mike, Paul, and Win.


A couple of pics of the monument by itself.

DSCN4265       DSCN4267

Major Topham’s country house, the Wold Cottage, is about half a mile away. The Wold Cottage is now a bed & breakfast; the Eckerts, Spiteris and Croteaus stayed there overnight during a two-week England/France vacation.

DSCN4283 DSCN4293


Here’s an aerial map created by Jason Aiken of the Wold Cottage meteorite strike site .


Next, Mike Croteau recounts a fan’s reaction to our visit:

“A Little Wold Newton”


Here is a case of some extreme Wold Newton geekery. In the summer of 2009, my family and I vacationed in England, along with Win Scott Eckert and his wife. We mostly stayed with Paul Spiteri and his family outside of London. During our two weeks on the island, we of course made a pilgrimage to visit the Wold Newton monument. We even stayed at the Wold Cottage (highly recommended by the way).

After we returned back home to Georgia, my wife, who is one of the most creative people you’ll ever meet, decided to make a memento of our trip, something we could look at that would instantly trigger pleasant memories of our vacation of a lifetime. She even decided to make three of them, one for us, one for the Eckerts, and one for the Spiteris. The result was the three wonderful miniature Wold Newton Monuments you see below.

Okay, my wife insists I take credit for helping her with these. While she did the planning, purchasing of materials, and all the construction, I did do my part too. Notice the extremely realistic looking mortar between the bricks; that was me. It takes a steady hand to paint down in those small cracks like that. But it was a lot of fun, and certainly the most artistic thing I’ve done since, well, junior high school art class…but we don’t really want to talk about that incident.

Several days after Mike, Paul, and Win visited Wold Newton, they had a private viewing of the meteorite itself at the British Museum in London. We’ll post those pictures soon.

In the meantime, please explore, enjoy the rest of the new Wold Newton site, and we’ll see you here again soon!